Genny Barclay originates from Chicago, IL, but has been a permanent resident of Goodyear, AZ for 45 years now. We know someone sure wanted to escape those long freezing winters for some beautiful sunshine and tan lines.

With her long time occupational background in Healthcare Administration within the non-profit community, Genny worked in housing & community-based services for seniors. Retiring in 2016 Genny shared with us how she is enjoying her new-found freedom to do the things she never had time for in the past, and sometimes, to do nothing at all!

With all this new free-time in retirement, Genny still continues to follow her passion of giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of others. Doing this through a variety of volunteer groups and non-profit organizations. Also, since her career was focused on seniors, she has focused her efforts on children and young adults now. Whether that is tutoring elementary students in reading, teaching young Hispanic adults English, or granting wishes for children in the “Make a Wish Foundation”. When Genny is not busy with all these activities she can be found playing a game of pickleball or out enjoying a round of golf with friends.

When asked of some of her greatest accomplishments, Genny tells us how the work she did throughout her life of making a difference in the lives she has touched through her work. How it was important to leave a legacy of commitment to the senior population by creating a “Leadership Academy” to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Also, she is incredibly proud of raising an independent daughter Samantha with a strong desire to give back through community service and who continued to pass on this passion of giving to her two beautiful grandchildren Nicholas & Joshua.

Genny’s goals do not stop here though as she continues to be blessed with good health and opportunities to travel all over. She never wants to give up her spontaneous, energetic and unexpected personality as she continues to find new ways to get involved and give back to others. Along with motivating others to do the same.